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How To Know If You Are A Blocked But Aspiring Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

Hello my beautiful friends!💕


Common problems aspiring purpose driven entrepreneurs struggle with:

1. Binging Youtube seeking more knowledge without taking action to use what is learned or spending an equal amount of time working on your purpose or building your business.

2. Scrolling for hours on Facebook and reposting everyone else's content, then kicking yourself later for not using your free time to build your own brand.

3. Crippling fear of posting your own content and saying the things that are actually on your mind, for fear of how viewers might respond because someone taught you it's not safe to be yourself or too risky to be vulnerable.

4. Getting frustrated with the lack of progress and trying to force yourself with willpower to go live every day, only to fall back into feeling paralyzed and triggered by the fear or rejection and criticism.

5. Perpetually spend your days in meditation, rest, and recuperation but never move past the healing phase.

Attempts to fix / Mistakes

1. Meditating and asking for guidance on how to get unstuck and move into your life purpose but never hearing more than “you have everything you need inside of you”

2. Looking for outside advice like gurus, psychics, friends and family to tell you what you should do

3. Prioritizing comfort-focused distractions like social media and a glass of wine.

4. Perfecting your post over and over but it’s never good enough, so you delete and go back to distracting yourself.

5. Keep buying new courses and programs but never implement or finish them.

If this is you, don’t worry. I have helped hundreds of aspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs fix this problem with our courses and programs.

DM me to see if you are someone we can help too.

Thank you for reading!

Your Rebecca Dawn, VIBE Mentor! 🙌