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Hello, my beautiful friends! 🎀

Aspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs, have you been trying to start a business that allows you to be your own boss and live life on your terms… but struggle to get started or make enough income to sustain yourself? Then you may be struggling with not enough programming!

Do you want to start your own business but the thought of learning how seems too complex…the systems, the marketing strategies, and heaven forbid… sales! So you make excuses why you can’t do it and binge on youtube videos about manifestation instead?

Do you want to get started but don’t believe in your ability to make it happen? Do you worry that you don’t have a gift or anything valuable to offer?

Do you deeply desire to achieve your highest potential but you can’t seem to get yourself to create content to post on social media 3 times a week…even though you promised yourself you would?

Do you struggle with your inner knowing and your soul’s urge that pushes you to find your purpose but the thought of trolls and negative comments causes you to freeze, trip over your words and forget everything you know when you try to make content?

Do you want to be of service but can’t find anyone to help, so you overgive to your friends and family and then forget to take a break when you are exhausted, leaving you feeling resentful for not being appreciated?

Have you ignored the inner knowing that says “There has got to be more to life” or “This can’t be all there is” and instead you distract yourself and numb out with a glass of wine every night?

Do you blame the complexity of business systems and sales even though you suspect is it the fear of failure because your mom told you “You always screw everything up”?

Do you subconsciously believe that people are unsafe and that in order to build a business you must deal with a lot of haters?

I know you have likely tried everything you can to fix this but no matter how hard you try nothing seems to help you identify what is blocking you let alone remove them.

Maybe you have tried talk therapy, hypnosis, QHHT, and affirmations but nothing seems to make much of a difference.

Maybe you have tried meditating and asking for guidance but all you receive is “Be patient” or “Everything you need is already inside of you”.

Or maybe you tried psychics and tarot cards and they made you feel better for a bit but you still end up stuck in the same rut a few days or weeks later.

Then you are likely dealing with the subconscious program of not-enoughness!

If this is you, don’t worry. I have helped hundreds of aspiring purpose-driven entrepreneurs fix this problem with our courses and programs.

DM me to see if you are someone we can help too.

Your VIBE mentor, Rebecca Dawn!