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“Overgiving is like depositing in a bank account you will never withdraw from.” said my client.

She was so right…
So many of us get caught in what seems like the virtuous trait of being a giver.

But as conscious purpose-driven entrepreneurs giving too much…

Can lead to an indefinite delay of success and even the death of your business.

If you are caught in the overgiving trap you likely:

- Give away your products, services, and knowledge for free hoping people will like you and finally offer to pay you, but you never actually make any sales.

- Give extra long sessions or free sessions when you are already struggling with a lack of time and money.

- Struggle to ask for the sale even though you have spent more time in the free session than you originally committed to.

- Give away all of your best information in your free session to prove how valuable you and your services are.

- Put endless hours of time and effort into building courses or events before testing them to be sure there is market interest.

- Once the product or service is created you are too overwhelmed, fatigued, or burnt out to market what you created.

- When you do finally complete the offer and move past the challenge of marketing you sell at dollar store prices and struggle to raise your prices. $

When you realize none of this is working you likely:

- Work harder and give more…until you are exhausted...but never see a different result.

- Become resentful towards the client who never buys, the world that is unfair, and yourself for not being able to figure it out.

- Then shrink back into despair and the limiting belief “it will never work for me” or “I guess it’s not the right divine timing”.

- Maybe you even tried talk therapy to figure out what was going on but it never really made a significant impact.

If this sounds like you, please don’t give up.

It’s not your fault.

What you are experiencing is the result of your conditioning and programming.

Talk therapy alone does not work.

But, you are not condemned to live like this forever!

If this is you, don’t worry.

I have helped hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs fix this problem with my courses and programs.

Message me to see if you are someone we can help too.

The world needs that special gift that only you can offer.

It's your turn...time to shine.


With love,

VIBE Mentor, Rebecca Dawn 💖