• From Depressed & Anxious To

    Motivated & Engaged

    An App That Infuses EQ Into The Classroom

    Are your students so overwhelmed that they feel nauseous and dizzied by the stressor of their daily life? Are your students resorting to less resourceful methods of dealing with the pressure?


    Are you struggling to help them with their anxiety, depression or even suicide, but too busy and time constrained to sift through the multitude of programs out there to find the right solution?


    Do you get excited by student-directed programs that free up your time, all the while improving test scores, increasing engagement and raising graduation rates?


    Then you and your students may be ideal candidates for Value & Intention Based Education’s social and emotional learning platform called the VIBE iMap.


    I know what it’s like…


    Not so many years ago, I was the at-risk student. Living on my own at age 16 having my fair share of experiments with self-medication. In fact, I skipped more days than not my sophomore year of high school.


    While my counselor did her best, I appeared a lost cause. I wanted to do better and I had dreams of being a successful professional. I dreamt of not only graduating high school, but also college, and earning the respect that accomplished professionals achieve.


    As a little girl, I played with a Daytimer while the other kids played with dolls! But I had made so many poor choices...those dreams seemed so far off...


    Then one day I met a teacher who changed my life. I had previously dropped an algebra class because it seemed impossible, but the second time around it was different! It was as if this new teacher spoke my language!


    Not only did I do well in the class, I competed for the top position. More importantly, I enjoyed going to class and looked forward to it every day! I began to realize, I wasn’t broken! I was not only capable but actually smart.


    I wanted to know more about why I failed with one teacher, yet was tremendously successful with another.


    I began to dig into learning styles and personality surveys. I found the Aristotle quote, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,” and I knew it was true.


    Someone saw my strength and believed in me. It gave me hope again. That is when my quest for self-knowledge began and it is the self-awareness has allowed me to succeed.


    I became inspired and looked forward to class every day. Not just the algebra class, but all my classes. I began to gain confidence and went on to graduate, earning the most improved award. While not something most people would brag about...it was significant to a student who was headed towards nowhere town.


    The drive to succeed continued on past high school. I graduated from college and secured a successful corporate career in product development and management. I achieved a 6-figure income within 7 years of college graduation. I made each and every one of my dreams come true...or so I thought.


    To my surprise, most of the well-known fortune 500 companies administer personality surveys during the hiring process and on a regular basis going forward.


    Why? Because they know that understanding yourself, and others, is critical to the success of the individual and the group as a whole.


    The reason I share this is not to brag but to demonstrate two things:


    1. I understand exactly where your students are at and what you are going through as you try to help them.
    2. I cannot only show you how to get them through their trying times, but how to inspire them to achieve great things.  


    The bottom line is this: I’ve been there. I have overcome it and know that your students can too.


    What Exactly Is The VIBE iMap App?


    Before I lay out the program, let me tell you how this came about.


    After spending many years learning more about who I am, I came to realize that I need to be of service to be fulfilled. The time came to quit my corporate job in search of a way to help the people I am most passionate about... Kids.


    The following Monday after I submitted my resignation, a newspaper fell in my lap. On the front page was a call for innovative high school concepts put out by the XQ organization.


    I assembled a team and we progressed to the semi-finals. As a team, we agreed the most significant missing ingredient in education today is self-awareness and social-emotional education.


    And so the iMap was born. The solution lies in helping students understand who they are, what they need to succeed and how to fulfill their own needs!


    They gain clarity, direction, and motivation by digging into their strengths, personality type, learning styles, communication styles, creative type, core needs, love language, value language, career match, shadows, triggers and so much more.


    Meanwhile, they are also learning cognitive behavioral management, emotions and feeling identification and regulation, social awareness, responsible decision-making and strategies for collaboration and relationship building.


    The accomplishment of modules unlocks components for a custom avatar builder, vision board creator and social impactful missions. Through this, students create awareness of who they are, a vision of who they would like to become and an awareness of how they can contribute to society.


    Sharing their avatar in the activity feed encourages students to embrace and be proud of their uniqueness. Collaboration boards allow students to connect with various passions, interests and personality types helping them feel a sense of belonging, acceptance and, support. Socially impactful missions allow them to utilize their creativity and new found connection to contribute to the greater whole.


    If this sounds like something your students could benefit from, I’d like to personally invite you to explore the lite version of our program to demonstrate how you can help your students become thriving, engaged and motivated to achieve their dreams.


    To be clear, this is not a feel good, hand-holding exercise. While we do bring awareness to students' needs, they are challenged to find new and resourceful ways to meet their own needs.


    The iMap is designed to empower students to create a life of fulfillment by taking responsibility for the direction of their life.


    The program is not designed to replace one-on-one counseling or parental involvement but rather to supplement and support these interactions.


    The discoveries will be powerful, enlightening, life-changing and strictly confidential.


    *Please note all participants will be asked to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect the privacy of the students and their profiles.


    Students will get clear on who they are and what they want to achieve, it is imperative to me that this information is used only for good sold, or in any way used against the student.


    This software is for students who struggle with the traditional school system and are in need of a new solution. It’s especially effective for kids who have a desire to do better but can’t figure out why they haven’t been able to succeed so far.


    If your student has hit rock bottom or is suffering from depression and anxiety, this is a phenomenal tool for them.


    This is not a tool for students who need to be spoon-fed or have no real interest in genuine change. This is also not for you if…

    • You are not willing to work the system…the system only works when you work it.
    • Your students would rather focus on negativity, drama or blame outside circumstances for your results.
    • You or your students are not willing to put in the time or effort it takes to enact real change.
    • You’re You are not willing to sign an NDA and protect the findings regarding the students.


    The Where and When


    Here and NOW! The VIBE iMap is happening in real time online as we speak!


    While we are still in the Beta stages of development, you can get started with our lite version for free!


    We will be rolling out the custom avatar and vision board creator in the next few months.


    The extensive version will be made available by the end of the summer, just in time for the Spring 2019 semester. Click here to be notified of version releases.


    What Kind of Results Can Be Expected


    Students will gain:

    • Awareness of where they currently are and where they want to go.
    • Clarity on every aspect of who they are and what they need.
    • Structure for their goals and the direction of their life.
    • Resources, tools, and strategies to move their life forward in an emotionally fulfilling way.
    • Confidence in their uniqueness and pride in how they will use it.
    • Freedom from fear, depression, anxiety limiting beliefs.
    • A network of like-minded and supportive peers and faculty.


    Counselors and faculty will gain:

    • Free time due to the proactive approach to social and emotional challenges.
    • Less time restructuring schedules due to increased self-understanding.
    • Increased student engagement due to an ignition of passion and joy for life.
    • Higher test scores due to an increased drive to build the life of their dreams.
    • Increased graduation rates due to students’ excitement for the next steps.
    • Report outs on SEL improvements, patterns and opportunities.
    • Students who are happier, healthier and more successful.


    But Wait There’s More


    In addition to the online iMap program, you’ll also get these additional bonuses to ensure you have everything you need to experience massive results and continued growth:


    • Free initial consultation and tutorials with two additional follow-up group call with me to make sure everyone understands how to use the system and troubleshoot any roadblocks.  
    • Access to VIBE mentors to work through the toughest problems and fully support at-risk students.
    • Monthly process improvement calls to request additions and customizes the solution to your needs.


    Who is This For


    The VIBE iMap is for you if you're ready to have a major breakthrough with your students and if you meet the following criteria:


    • You have students that you struggle to get through too.
    • You have too many students to be able to effectively help them all.
    • You are looking for a social-emotional tool to teach the SEL basics.
    • You’re 100% committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of your students.
    • You’re 100% committed to working the system.


    The Investment For The Program


    Reserve your spot on the VIBE iMap waitlist by sending the message Save My Spot.


    The Not-So-Fine Print: The VIBE iMap Subscription is non-refundable. I trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision.


    Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you!



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