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    Discover Yourself

    Find what you are good at by understanding your strengths, learning style, communication style, creative type, love language, career match and so much more! Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. -Aristotle

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    Explore Your Passions​

    School can be hard, but we know how to make it fun! Kick boredom to the curb by tailoring your classes to your passions and interests. Make the time you spend in school count by building your future while you are there.

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    Design Your Future​

    Pair your strengths and passions with a societal need that you care about and you are guaranteed success. Whether that's college or building your own company, we will help you every step of the way. Get started Today

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    Let's keep this between you and me...

    You: OK Rebecca, you say you’ll help me use my gifts but I am not sure I have any?


    Me: Trust me, you do. You have so much more potential in you than people realize. My gift is spotting it and knowing how to use it. I’m also an expert problem solver… there isn’t a single thing I can’t fix.


    You: Oooh really…I bet you can’t fix My problems.


    Me: Try Me...What are you struggling with?


    You: I hate school…and I don’t want to go. I want to do something that matters and school feels like such a waste of time. I’m sooooo bored…I just want to do my own thing.


    Me: What if I told you my clients love school so much they actually look forward to it?


    You: Yea right…


    Me: No Joke! It’s because I have a way for you to do “do your own thing” AT school! First, we dig into your passions and match them with your strengths. Then we look at your dreams and goals and put together a roadmap to get there.


    We share this with your teachers and determine how the algebra class you are taking can be used to achieve your goal. We identify projects that incorporate your passions and interest and pair you with other students who share your interests.


    Instead of trying to figure out how fast the imaginary train was going...you will be figuring out how to make a living by following your passions and build your dreams.


    When you feel passionate about something anything is possible. I can promise you that.

    You: How do you convince the teachers to let me do this?


    Me: I will help you go from Most Absent to Most Improved…from “Needs Improvement” to “High Achiever”... from F’s to A’s. Your parents, teachers and all faculty want you to succeed.


    We are all in this together and everyone is onboard with the strategy once they partner with VIBE. We are all excited to help improve your attendance and grades.


    You: My parents will never go for it.


    Me: You know you have untapped potential and your parents do too. They will happily support you when they see we have opened up your inner genius. The spark in your eye will be all the confirmation they need.

    Plus they will be super happy when they don’t have to drag your butt out of bed for school ;)

    You: My parents want me to go to college and to get a corporate job…they will never let me follow my passions.


    Me: Your parents want the best for you and they want you to have a stable and professional job so that you are happy and make great money.

    The best part about the VIBE program is you will have a stable job and make great money while using your strengths and following your passion. We will meet both their goals as well as yours...the true definition of a win-win.


    They will see you are happier and more successful by using your strengths instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


    You: Ok, will you help me convince them?


    Me: You bet! Let me know when is a good to for all of us to hop on a conference call. I’m excited to help you and can’t wait to bring your dreams to life.

    You: Why are you so excited?


    Me: Because it is my life’s mission to help as many people as possible identify and use their gifts…the world needs your gift…no one else can offer it but you.


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