Theta Healing Session

Theta Healing Session

Each healing session begins with a specific meditation that allows us to connect with our theta brain waves and deeply connect us with our Creator/Source. While in this state, I am divinely guided to tap into your subconscious mind where all belief systems, trauma, past life, genetic coding, and ancestral history is stored.

Guided by Creator/Source, we will remove limiting beliefs around anxiety, limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, addictions, sickness, pain, and much more. We will then replace them with new empowering beliefs allowing you to create new experiences in your life.
You will be slowly and safely guided through hidden parts of yourself and your inherited stories while using your divinely gifted authority to command instantaneous mental, emotional, psychical, and spiritual healing to occur at the deepest cellar level possible. Through Theta Healing we are able to remove blocks, limitations and unhealed traumas.

Most people are unaware of how their subconscious beliefs, programming, and traumas are affecting who they are, their life choices and what they are manifesting. By changing your subconscious are changing your life.
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Theta healing works for:

Healing unworthiness, fear of rejection or being seen.

Removing self-doubt & countless limiting beliefs.

Healing childhood trauma.

Weight loss/ Food addiction/ body issues.

Addictions/ addictive behavior.

Creating wealth & abundance in all areas of your life.

Ending poverty cycles and scarcity mindset.

Connecting to higher self.


Self-love & the removal of self-sabotaging patterns.

Releasing all negative beliefs and emotions such as: resentment, anger, fear, grudges, judgment, worry, anxiety, stress.

Sending instant healing to viruses, sickness, diseases, and pain within the body.

Attracting your soulmate & aligning with romantic partnership.