Manifest Abundance Through Your Life Purpose Course w/ Coaching

Manifest Abundance Through Your Life Purpose Course w/ Coaching

Joy and happiness are possible no matter how hard life may feel right now. This course will show you how to get from where you are to where you are trying to go, by getting to the root cause of what holds you back.

In this year-long course and coaching program, you will master your mindset, reprogram your subconscious, learn to manifest with intention, identify your superpowers, innate gifts, and divine life purpose. You will also launch a purpose-driven business, as well as how to market and sell it!

Many courses offer you one piece of the puzzle but that is not something I am capable of. I offer the course paired with the coaching to be sure you have everything you need…every step of the way. When you are complete with the program you will have overcome your fear of rejection and being seen, you will know your value, worth, and gifts and know how to make a living using them. I will be there for you every step of the way.

Are you ready to shift into your new life? There is so much joy and bliss available to you…when you finally step into your purpose and let your light shine. Payment plans available.
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Want the details?  Here they are:

(4) 1-on-1 30-minute coaching sessions bi-weekly

12-month support in a private Facebook Group

Life Path Astrology Reading

Theta Healing Sessions


7 Module Course that covers:

- Mindset Shifting

- Reprograming Neuropathways

- Healing Unworthiness

- Life Purpose Alchemy

- Manifestation Maestro

- Starting a business 101

- Building a Product 101

- Magnetic Marketing

- Proven Sales Formula


Payment plans are available here: