• Personality Type Lesson Plan

    Do you want to generate engagement and a meaningful conversation

    amongst your students while educating them on their personality types?


    Are you looking for a social-emotional learning (SEL) to create empathy, compassion and self-awareness?

    Then try our lesson plan today!


    The VIBE Personality Type Lesson Plan is as simple as 1... 2... 3...


    1. Students take the personality test in the VIBE iMap system.

    2. Students with opposing views are paired by our system to create engaging discussion and understanding around their differences.

    3. The iMap system then generates discussion topics around their groupings and personality variations.


    Students should formulate their findings in a 3-5 page essay and present the highlights of their findings in front of the class.


    According to CASEL the Collaboration for Academic Social and Emotional Learning and the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola and the University of British Columbia.


    “SEL programs have shown immediate improvements in mental health, social skills and academic achievement, continue to benefit students for months and even years to come“


    “Up to 18 years later, students exposed to SEL in school continue to do better than their peers on a number of indicators: positive social behaviors and attitudes, skills such as empathy and teamwork, and academics. And they have fewer conduct problems, less emotional distress and lower drug use, among many other benefits.”


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