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Why Many Conscious Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Struggle To Belong

Hello Beautiful Friend,

Another surprisingly common black that conscious purpose-driven entrepreneurs struggle with is a sense of belonging.

Many will say “I just want to go home, but I don’t know where home is”.

The silent killer of dreams, aka complex trauma, strikes again!

We don’t realize that unsafe relationships prevented us from learning to form secure attachments.

This will lead to a persistent sense of being alone and unsupported.

Networking becomes very difficult when we fear intimacy, and feel a persistent sense of disconnection and loneliness.

How does this show up for us as purpose-driven entrepreneurs?

  • We constantly question our gifts and feel like an imposter posing as someone who is more capable than we believe we really are,
  • So we subconsciously self-sabotage and “can’t” get new clients.
  • We avoid posting or creating videos because we are afraid of being rejected…we shut down due to the overly self-critical voice of our abuser (I like to call mine the trauma demon).
  • We believe people are unsafe which makes it impossible for us to connect with others in the industry or to find supportive collaborations.
  • My biggest struggle was feeling the weight of perfectionism…I believed “If I don’t do it perfectly I won’t succeed.

This causes us to spend hours agonizing over small details and constantly second-guessing ourselves.

Worse yet…you try to do ALL the things…and end up being burnt out instead.

If you have struggled with any of these things…

It’s not your fault.

Complex trauma is far more common than people realize.

You are not alone and there is a solution!

I am the GOAT of Trauma Healing and I have helped hundreds

Heal the block that hold them back from their purpose so

I KNOW I can help you too.

If you are a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur…

Who knows you have unhealed childhood trauma that is holding you back,

From achieving what you are here to achieve.

The time is now.

The world has waited for you long enough,

And now it needs your light, untarnished.

If I PROMISED you that I will completely eliminate the trauma responses,

In just 8 weeks…for just an hour of your time per week…

So you can finally achieve the revenue you need to pursue your purpose unfettered…

So you can finally stop procrastinating, self-sabotaging, and guilt-tripping yourself…

And so you can finally fulfill your heart’s goal with joy and light:

Would you take me up on that offer?

If so, join us for the More Than Enough Mastermind starting June 6th!

Sending Love,

Rebecca Dawn

Your VIBE mentor