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From Self-Doubt To Success

Why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs Must Silence Their Inner Critic!?


Hello, my beautiful friends!🎉

Do you struggle with an incessant voice of criticism constantly beating you up?

Did you know that it is common for people with a big mission to have a strong inner critic?

Did you know that some of the most intelligent, capable and successful people struggle with the voice that tells them they are not enough…

Every Single Day!

Sometimes it can feel like paralyzing fear of posting and being criticized by trolls.

Or an inability to go live because the voice of negativity tells us we will screw up they will make fun of us.

Or the crippling fear of asking for a sale…

Because the inner critic tells us we are an imposter or don’t deserve the money we are asking for.

Sometimes we know we have a course or book inside of us, but we can’t make progress on creating it… because the inner critic tells us we will fail.

Worst of all, we won’t post a call to action because we will have to be seen…

And the little demon on our shoulder tells us we are not capable of selling.

If you struggle like this, you are likely identifying with the inner critic as your own voice.

When we feel this voice is our own, we tend to believe what it says.

We buy into the rule of measure… it has defined… we have given it power over us…

We even allow it to control us…

Until it grows into an ugly monster that seems too powerful to overcome.

But you are smart enough to recognize this is a problem and you likely have tried everything you can to correct it.

We may try to push through and override the negative voice, posting the post anyways…only to hear crickets and validate the initial fear.

When really it was the energy of feeling not enough that caused the problem.

Maybe you tried hypnosis and affirmations that made a momentary difference…

But in the end left you feeling certain there was something wrong with you because you couldn’t fix the problem.

Sometimes we turn to hypervigilance and control to try to fix all of the problems the voice tells us we have to worry about…

So we end up walking on egg shells, afraid to say the wrong thing and rock the boat by making someone upset.

Which leads to exhaustion, fatigue, depression and anxiety…

It seems futile…

Like we will never win…

And we may even question if it is all worth it anymore…

The good news is, we don’t have to continue to live this way!

If this is you, don’t worry, I have helped hundreds of purpose driven entrepreneurs solve this problem with our courses and programs.

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See you there!

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